Titer Tests

What are titers?
A titer test is a laboratory test measuring the existence and level of antibodies in blood. Antibodies are produced when a foreign substance like a virus or bacteria provokes an immune response. Responses can come from natural exposure or vaccination.

Which diseases should I test for?
The most recommended test examines antibodies for both parvovirus and distemper, two of the most dangerous viruses that are commonly vaccinated for. Rabies titers are also tested under certain circumstances, such as travel to Hawaii or Europe. For most dogs, tests for other diseases are generally not considered useful or necessary.

Why Test?
The parvovirus/distemper test can help you or others (vets, groomers, kennel owners, etc.) determine if your dog requires additional vaccination, and may save your dog unnecessary vaccines. Testing is especially useful when making a decision about vaccinating an animal with unknown vaccination history, or for determining if puppies have received immunity from vaccination.

How does it work?

In our clinic, we will draw a small amount of blood from your dog. The test takes about 20 minutes to complete, during which a technician will inoculate the blood with the virus. Level of immunity is determined by the reaction of the blood to exposure to the virus. If your animal has sufficient immunity, we will provide you with a certificate of immunity to Distemper and Parvo.
No exam necessary, but appointments are appreciated!